EQ – Meditations to Enhance Emotional Intelligence, for eight weeks. Once you have completed an eight-week beginner course, you are eligible to join the Mindspace+ programme and take your practice to the next level.  An extensive training programme, designed to help you gain a deeper, practical experience of Mindful Meditation. You’re welcome to join this new course! Please note this is the advanced course, if you wish to book for the beginners course you can do so here.

Starting dates, times and locations.

Online: Anytime!
Harborne: Monday 20th April, 6.15pm: Kenrick Centre, Mill Farm Rd, B17 0QX
Sutton Coldfield: Tuesday 21st  April, 6.15pm: Activity Hall, Bishop Vesey School, B74 2NH
Tettenhall: Wednesday 22nd April, 6.05pm: Newman Centre, Haywood Drive, WV6 8RF
Solihull: Thursday 23rd April, 6.15pm: John Palmer Hall, Union Rd, Solihull, B91 3DG

Course Detail:
EQ – Meditations to Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Week 1: EQ  An introduction to emotional intelligence
Week 2: INSIGHT – Gaining insight into the activity of mind
Week 3: COOL – Practical methods to reduce frustration
Week 4: CALM – Increasing contentment in your life
Week 5: WISDOM – Opening your third eye
Week 6: DIALOGUE – Improving the inner conversation
Week 7: RELEASE – Seeing through and beyond negativity
Week 8: POWER – Developing the strength to move forward

Please book your place below. I hope that you enjoy the new course!

Mindspace+ April 2020


EQ – Meditations to Enhance Emotional Intelligence, for eight weeks.
This term explore over eight weeks how to enhance Emotional Intelligence; increase your happiness, strengthen your relationships, and find stability of mind

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Online Resources: Your course includes weekly online resources, which include a recording of the teaching and guided meditations.

Retreat: Your course includes a seat on the half day retreat in Solihull at the Methodist Hall on 30th May, 10-1pm. This retreat will give you the opportunity to meet like minded people from across the West Midlands, and deepen your experience of mindful meditation.

Cost: £56 (plus £1.95 booking fee)

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Future Live Courses:
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Week beginning, September 14th: Zen: An Eight Week Exploration of Zen Meditation Discover how training in this ancient practice can bring great lightness, energy, and humour to your mind and life.

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Reviews of the Mindspace+ course
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Invaluable communication of a subject matter in such a way as to make it easy to follow and understand.


Life changing. It has helped me to see issues differently and learn to let go! Thank you


Really helpful course, reinforcing what I have learned before. I found taking a grateful approach to life has made me more positive and allowed me to enjoy my life more.


A great way to be aware of your daily blessings. Appreciate and gratitude can be a great antidote to misery and depression. Thank you for writing the guide and for creating the course. I hope to continue.




Excellent content. Adam is very good at communicating, funny and amusing. Enjoyed the course.

Another good course, nice to have the book to accompany it. Have kept a notebook for daily questions and managed to keep up to date and do it everyday. I really like the idea of writing down five gratitudes at the end of each day as it makes you appreciate who what’s around you. By setting the intention to practice gratitude at the start of the book it has made me determined to read the book everyday. I like that there was a different subject each day.


This course has been of great help making me think about situations I find myself in and being able to deal with them with a view of gratitude.This has made me feel calmer as the course has covered all aspects of gratitude and different situations. Very useful to have book to accompany the course.


I always enjoy mindspace courses and retreats. Something to look forward to and feel refreshed afterwards. This can last for 2-3 days but needs my own top ups of meditation to keep things balanced. I learn a lot about my mind, my ego and my body, and no more so than on this Mindspace+ course on gratitude. It has really been worthwhile and would love to repeat it.


Great book, helped me stick to the schedule and be more focused. When I free my mind from worry and negativity I start to be more creative, think out of the box and even get excited about the future.


I found the course very useful in practicing gratitude. This course I have missed three class but the recordings sent have proved useful alongside the book so I don’t feel I have missed too much.


Enjoyed the structure.
Guided Meditation.
And the accompanying reads from the gratitude book.


Excellent really enjoyed it. Definitely will continue to the next course.
Georgina (Nov 2019)

I found very helpful to practice with the help of the book and create a pattern to follow. The time in the class is just right. I like meditating a couple of times in each session.


Cracking course! Very practical, especially when explaining not how it works, but that it does work if you put what you learn throughout the course into practice. This is not theory to be studied, it is a method to follow everyday – spectacular benefits will follow.


Wonderful! Initially made me aware of how badly I reacted to life challenges. As I have gone through several courses I am learning how to cope better and to my benefit. The number of people attending the courses show how much they are needed.


Really enjoyed the course. Though it worked very well with the book. The book was well written and easy to follow, thoroughly enjoyed it. Big thank you to Adam and reception! Highly recommend your classes.


Makes you think about your own well-being. Meditation correct length. Excellent teaching. Nice group of students. Friendly. Enabled me to self reflect and think more about the present rathe that the past.


Found it very helpful with all my daily problems. 

Very helpful with my anger issues


I have found this course most beneficial as I have of all those which I have attended before. This course has helped keep my mind stable during challenging times. Without this course and daily practice I think that I would not have dealt so well with the issues that I am now facing. The book was also a useful framework which helped focus me.


As fabulous as ever. I look forward to each session, deepening understanding and practice.


Really enjoyable


One word = excellent


Very useful, feel much better for attending. Thank you Adam I am so grateful for your teachings.


Excellent course have been working with the book. It helped a lot. Feel better about things and gradually be aware of things. Adam is a fab Meditator!