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Testimonial from Manchester Grammar School


Manchester Grammar School approached us, requesting an Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness to help Year 10 deal with the stress, leading up to and during their AS Levels. Read more here.

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Meditation in Schools

To find out more about the Meditation in Schools Project & how you can become involved please visit the website: Meditation in Schools

Watch 300 Children Meditating in a school assembly – (Aged 5-16)

Watch a 5 minute guided Meditation led by Adam Dacey in a school in Pushkar, India.

This Guided Meditation was led every morning over a 3 week period.

The whole school took part at the beginning of the day. Girls aged 5 -16.

This video reveals that it’s possible for children of all ages to Meditate in a group.

What better way for a child to start the day?

Although the video is mainly in the Hindi language – the Meditation that was practice is the Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation in 5 minutes.

You can find the English version of this Meditation here:

For more details of the Meditation in Schools Project please visit.


Meditation in Schools – Meet Up in Central London

Please visit the Meditation in Schools website for more information – click here.
The next event in London will take place at the end of October in a location in Westminster and will be looking at how to guide a Meditation for Children – more info soon. Express your interest here.

Meditation in Schools – Meet Up in Clifton, Bristol

IMAGISPACE – Creative Well Being Workshops for Children

Mind Space is partnering with Femtinos to offer children a series of fun-filled, well-being activities.

Femtinos are four little aliens from a far away planet who have discovered planet Earth.
They have met Mindful Max and revealed to him the powers of Mind Space.
Join Max in these workshops as he explores the world with his new-found powers!

Benefits for children:

Learn methods for calming the mind

Helps to deal with stress and anxiety

Greater ability to concentrate

Enhance creative thinking

Improve social interactions

Developing team working skills

Increase powers of imagination

While having fun!

Thursday August 30th
10-11am (Ages 5-7)
12-1pm   (Ages 7-9)
Sandwell  (venue t.b.c)

2-3pm (Ages 5-7)
4-5pm  (Ages 7-9)
Sandwell  (venue t.b.c)

Cost for workshop £2 per child.

Contact us for your details.


Meditation & School Teachers

When the Meditation in Schools Project comes up in conversation with an adult the response is usually positive, concluding with:

“Oh the students are so stressed and distracted these days – it’s so needed”

Sometimes teachers contact Mind Space looking for a technique to help their student’s experience calm and focus. This is great!

However one of the most important elements of bringing stillness into the classroom is the well-being of the staff. In some respects this needs to be addressed before the students.
Otherwise you end up with a Meditation session that is ‘policed’ by staff.

Members of staff marching around making sure that the students are Meditating.
Pulling out any member of the group who is making a noise.

As any of you know who attends a Meditation class, there needs to be a calm atmosphere in the room if the Meditation is going to work successfully.

I was happy to read about a series of Meditation sessions that are being run for staff in the USA – you can find out more details here:

In a school, Meditation for Staff really needs to be the first step. To have the staff on board and understanding the process of Meditation. If this can happen then you’re half way there.

If the staff and ideally the parents  appreciate the practices of Meditation then this will benefit the students.

At the last school I visited I asked the students at the beginning of the class, what they thought Meditation was. The usually responses came back:

‘Chanting MMMMM sitting like this sir – (cross-legged, hands upturned on the knees)

Where does this view come from?

The cliche views held by elders.

If parents and teachers can practice Meditation then this has an effect on the students.

How so?

Simply, their actions of body, speech and mind are calmer and gentler.

This has a profound effect. They don’t need to say or mention anything about Meditation – ‘you must practice Meditation!’
Far from it.

The tradition of Meditation is that you only practice when your ready. Nobody can force or push you into Meditation practices.
This is why I say to schools and companies who are interested in introducing Meditation to their students and staff.
‘It needs to be an activity that they opt into, that they choose to do.’

Otherwise it becomes another case of: ‘You need Meditate’
This makes no sense if you Meditate, as its pointing the finger outside.

So my advice to a school that wishes to bring more calm into their classroom is to begin with the teachers and parents.
Hold a few introductory sessions for them, this is also an opportunity to discover what their students/children will be practicing, ask some questions and gain experience.

Find out the latest beneficial research of Meditation for School Teacher
Learn more about the Meditation in Schools Project.

Written by Adam Dacey
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Meditation in Schools: Find out what a Deputy Head thinks of a ‘Create Mind Space’ session

Learn more about our Meditation in Schools project here.

See the work we have done with the Guardian here:

Bring peace and calm to your school.

Watch the latest research from the BBC here.

What are people saying about Mind Space’s Meditation session?

Meditation in Schools – How Meditation can be of practical help to students

Meditation in Schools Project – Live Workshop

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.” Gandhi

Our next Meditation in Schools Workshop is coming soon we want to share with you the work that we are accomplishing. We would like to invite you to discover how Meditation is inspiring learners in schools and how you can participate in this inspirational project.

Mind Space Meditation presents
Meditation in Schools  Workshop
Sunday 23rd September 11.15-2.15pm,

Suitable for those interested in bringing meditation to the next generation…

Learn about the Mind Space Volunteer Speaker Network and how you can become involved.
The day will include presentations, Q & A, guided meditation

The cost of the day is £20 (with monies taken used to promote the project).

If you are interested in attending the day please book through our secure payment system here:

With Adam Dacey, Meditation teacher & practitioner who has trained & taught Meditation full-time for over 17 years.

This event will take place near Birmingham, West Midlands

request a workshop near you.

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