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Testimonial from Manchester Grammar School


Manchester Grammar School approached us, requesting an Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness to help Year 10 deal with the stress, leading up to and during their AS Levels. Read more here.

Mindfulness in Schools Feedback

Hi Adam

Just wanted to say thank you for today’s session. A number of staff spoke to me afterwards and had found it very useful and are going to investigate mindfulness further.

Look forward to working with again


Laurance Haine Primary School

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Meditation in Schools

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Meditation in Schools: Find out what a Deputy Head thinks of a ‘Create Mind Space’ session

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What are people saying about Mind Space’s Meditation session?

Meditation in Schools Project: Feedback from Bedford School

‘Mind Space visited Bedford School last week during Citizenship Day and opened the eyes of the Lower Sixth to the world of meditation. Adam explained about the history and purpose of the session before leading the whole year group through two short periods of meditation. The Mind Space team then offered a more in-depth session at lunchtime to those pupils and staff who chose to ‘opt-in’. There, we were led through a longer meditation session and had time to discuss and reflect upon the value of meditation to studying and to our lives a s a whole. All of the pupils present were ;’buzzing’ with the session afterwards and told other pupils about what they had learned!’

Susie Spyropoulos (Member of staff at Bedford)

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Testimonial from the staff at the Meditation session at Juniper School

Adam came to Juniper to deliver a mediation workshop to the staff. There were 6 staff and although the staff were a little wary of what this session would be like, they took part and gained something from it. It was enjoyable, we relaxed and a couple of staff had to work to stay awake! Adam’s delivery was good. He is softly spoken and influenced the session in a very positive way.

Mrs McAndrew – Head Teacher

Feedback from the staff

The girls did enjoy your time. The introductory session was insightful. The girls learnt a lot about meditation. The group task really helped the group to bond. They will need to learn to work as a team for their forthcoming BTEC course. The meditation session was relaxing. The girls really did enjoy it as that is the quietest they have been! They could use these strategies this time next year as they will find all their revision sessions and exams quite stressful.
My conclusion of the enterprise task is some of the girls find working as a team quite hard but love the ‘hands on approach’. Exercising their minds as well as them taking part in practical activities helps to keep the pupils focused.
Thanks for your time 🙂 it was an enjoyable session overall.
Miss Adele Scott

We were very impressed with your session yesterday. Some of the kids got so engrossed they nearly went to sleep.You would have enjoyed a moment later in the day as one of the teams were getting stressed over a task and decided to have a time-out to meditate! They sat at their table with their eyes closed for a minute and then got on with it.
Lorenzo Cosoc – Walsall Council

Thank you for showing an interest in presenting workshops to our school. We will bear your offer in mind should we decide to pursue meditation and stress management further. Yours faithfully,
Gerard Evans – Director of Curriculum @ Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire

Really good way of refocusing the mind.? We find it hard to be quiet, so it was good, fantastic. Very pleased the way they responded, excellent!
English Teacher @ Queen Mary’s Grammar School

Instant calm, its not a calm school we’re very energetic here, a very special event for us.
Sixth Form Economics and Maths Teacher @ Queen Mary’s Grammar School

Very calming – most pupils seemed to get something out of it.
Queen Mary’s Grammar School


Great to see noisy pupils settling to a new sort of calmness.? The non denominational, non religious presentation means it is available to everyone and fits in perfectly with the Every Child Matters Guidelines. Would also be great for staff to learn as it would help relationships.
W. Manton: Aldridge School – RST (Year 7-13)

It was amazing I almost felt out of my body!? I think it will help me to be more creative in my teaching.
Steve Bowyer: Aldridge School – Business Studies and Enterprise (Year 7-13)

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