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Featured in the Guardian Newspaper today!

The Guardian have featured us in their broadsheet  & online today!


“A fantastic set of resources from Mind Space on Guardian Teacher Network – and all are without an aura, guru or chakra in sight. The non-denominational and non-religious presentation of meditation and mindfulness has been specifically developed to be useable by all types of schools, beyond the RE classroom”

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Good luck with your project whether it be an essay, exam revision, course work, writing a book, poem, coding or painting – we wish you all the success and happiness and hope our sounds and meditations will help you on the way :)

We have used a combination of our Meditation experience and musical training to create this music for you.

It will help you to focus, concentrate and most importantly to relax while you study or engage in an activity that requires a relaxed presence.

Designed in our studio to help you to get into a relaxed and productive zone for effective study, work and focus.

Music composed, performed and produced by Adam Dacey.

Music has a powerful effect on our well-being. In this busy world its difficult to find the time to rest and concentrate. The mind being easily distracted. This music can help to focus you. Let us know your experience and thoughts.

We are now in the studio composing more music and meditation for you to travel with you on the path to inner peace and bliss.

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Watch 300 Children Meditating in a school assembly – (Aged 5-16)

Watch a 5 minute guided Meditation led by Adam Dacey in a school in Pushkar, India.

This Guided Meditation was led every morning over a 3 week period.

The whole school took part at the beginning of the day. Girls aged 5 -16.

This video reveals that it’s possible for children of all ages to Meditate in a group.

What better way for a child to start the day?

Although the video is mainly in the Hindi language – the Meditation that was practice is the Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation in 5 minutes.

You can find the English version of this Meditation here:

For more details of the Meditation in Schools Project please visit.


Meditation helping students during exam time

“It’s almost like a revision method where you’re stopping & reflecting…letting the information soak in…then going back to your studies with a clearer mind.”

We speak to Year 13 student Dom from Gordano School, Portishead about his experience of a 7 week Meditation Course run at his school.

Meditation Helping Students during exam time

Meditation helping students during exam time

Mind Space , 16:20

Which Meditation in Schools workshop did you attend at Gordano School?

A 7 week elective course. The classes ran on a weekly basis during school time.
(alongside studying A Levels students can choose an optional course)

Why did you choose the elective?

I thought it was something I could benefit from & gain a new experience.

What Meditations did you learn during the course?

A few practical techniques I found useful were:

Focusing on the sensation of the breathing – not focusing on distractions.

Focusing on  & relaxing parts of the body - the body scan meditation.

Mind relaxing – learning how to clear the mind and calm down.

What did you expect from the course?

Before I thought it was gimmicky (everyone saying we should go and meditate, I thought; how is that going to be helpful?!) but now after the course I would definitely recommend it for everyone.

In actual fact it was very helpful.

I had an image that I would be sitting on a mat on the floor.  However we were just sitting in a room quietly on chairs.

The session exceeded my expectations.

Everyone can benefit, I would recommend for everyone especially those with busy lives who are emotionally rundown.

Do you still practice the Meditations?

I still do some of the meditations.  One of the great things about meditation you can do it anywhere…in your own time for around 10 minutes sessions a day.

If you’re stressed with life or at stressed with work at school you can practice a little meditation.

How do you think Meditation will help you during your time at school?

The meditations will definitely help me during the period leading up to my final exams, which start next week!

I practiced Meditation before some of my A/S level exams & it helped to slow down pressure that I was under. Obviously will do better in the exam as not panicking so much.

I see it as an overall help. Especially within mental health.

Exams are obviously stressful. We are under so much pressure to remember information. Meditation provides a break where you can stop and then go back to it.

It’s almost like a revision method where you’re stopping & reflecting…letting the information soak in…then going back to your studies with a clearer mind.

Meditation can provide you with a break during the day.

It can also can help to physically relax, as a student you’re out and about all day so we can just sit down and chill for a bit, so it’s definitely beneficial

Meditation helps to improve concentration – it gives you the capability to improve your focus.

The Body Scan Meditation gives you the ability to zone in and focus.

Rather than rushing over many things, Meditation gives you the ability to focus.

What did your friends think about it?

Some joined in with the course.  Some friends asked why are you are doing that.
I saw it as a beneficial thing for myself. It has made me to be more relaxed & focused.

The Friends that did join in with me found it beneficial.

Is Meditation something you feel could be part of the weekly curriculum?

Definitely. The more you practice then the better results you gain.
If you practice often then your concentration levels improve.  Practicing weekly would definitely help students in the school.

How would you summarize Meditation to a friend?

Basically as a method of mind relaxing.

Do you think you will practice Meditation again?

Definitely,  I will be able to maintain my practice now I have learned how to practice correctly.

Meditation is something that can be personalized.

I will implement it in my own way & from time to time will go to that calm place.

Should the school have more sessions?

Yes I don’t think it should just be an elective, it should be offered to all years – the school can definitely benefit.

Especially in Year 11 when the students are under such stress in exams.
It’s not just for students; adults who lead busy lives can definitely benefit.

  • Dom is in Year 13 at Gordano School.  He has engaged in a 7 week Meditation in Schools Course.
    The course was delivered on a weekly basis by Liese Stanley (a Mind Space speaker)


Find out more information about the Meditation in Schools Project.

A 5 Minute Meditation - ideal for students to begin with

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5 Minutes to a Calmer Classroom Resource

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Meditation in Schools Project in the Guardian

Mindfulness in the Schools on national TV


How Music Can Help Improve our Studies

I remember when I was revising in my bedroom for my GCSE’s I would always have music on.
When I needed to really concentrate and think I would simply turn it down so it was more gentle.

There are different theories about whether music can help or hinder studies.
My own conclusion is that its subjective to the individual.
Some people like to have a backdrop of music in their life. It’s normal for them.

If our studies are sometimes erratic, we may find it difficult to concentrate and when we do sit down we are distracted.
Music may be able to help you.

If we are listening to a long piece of music that is melodic with few alterations within the key & the tune is balanced then this can bring peace.   Pleasant relaxing sounds release dopamine, serotonin and endorphins into the brain helps to uplift, lighten & focus the mind.

When the mind is focused of course its less distracted. As a result the mind is happier.
Music helps to make the mind happier and relaxed as a result decision-making is more positive as there is less stress in the mind.

If you scroll down to the foot of the article where there are links for further reading you can read a scientific report which looked at the effects of music on maths students in the classroom. As a result of calming music those students who suffered from distraction were significantly effected in a positive way by the background sounds.

If you do choose to have music on when you are studying, revising or engaging in work then I would suggest the following for effective results.

The music is calm, relaxing and continuous. Ideally a long track.
So there is no need to become distracted by changing or thinking too much about the music.
(That’s why we are designing long tracks of up to an hour in length - click here to enjoy)

Instrumental music can be less interfering than listening to a voice.
As much of study is about words and analysis. Bringing other words into your mind can be a distraction.

Try not to focus too much on the music, if you do have it on and it is causing distraction or irritation. Simply turn it off or try a different track. When we are studying and writing its important to have a relaxed and calm mind.

If we are playing uplifting relaxing music we may find that a particular challenging task is easy to complete and we find that we start to enjoy it rather than being brought down by it.

There are many classical piece of music which you can find on the internet – especially Mozart’s piano concertos which are lengthy.
Music can help us with motivation – sometimes not succeeding in an exam or essay is not as a result of our ability it’s just simply because we lack the necessary motivation to focus and learn. Music can start to get us motivated and uplifted.

Keep coming back to our channel where overtime you will find more and more music which has been composed with your concentration and focus in mind. So you can get as much out of your time as possible in the most relaxed manner

What do you think?
Can music help your studies?
What type of music do you listen to that helps with your essay?
Is it simply better not to listen to any music?
Let us know your thoughts….

Further reading:

Read this Scientific paper on how music helped hyperactive children perform better with their maths work – it’s a great read and shows remarkable improvement taking place:

Mainstream media:

This article in the New York Times is more focused on using music in the office but there are related themes

Join a debate with other students on the BBC Website here:

This article was written by Adam Dacey>


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Watch the latest Meditation Tip series here


Meditation in Schools – Meet Up in Central London

Please visit the Meditation in Schools website for more information – click here.
The next event in London will take place at the end of October in a location in Westminster and will be looking at how to guide a Meditation for Children – more info soon. Express your interest here.

Meditation in Schools – Meet Up in Clifton, Bristol

IMAGISPACE – Creative Well Being Workshops for Children

Mind Space is partnering with Femtinos to offer children a series of fun-filled, well-being activities.

Femtinos are four little aliens from a far away planet who have discovered planet Earth.
They have met Mindful Max and revealed to him the powers of Mind Space.
Join Max in these workshops as he explores the world with his new-found powers!

Benefits for children:

Learn methods for calming the mind

Helps to deal with stress and anxiety

Greater ability to concentrate

Enhance creative thinking

Improve social interactions

Developing team working skills

Increase powers of imagination

While having fun!

Thursday August 30th
10-11am (Ages 5-7)
12-1pm   (Ages 7-9)
Sandwell  (venue t.b.c)

2-3pm (Ages 5-7)
4-5pm  (Ages 7-9)
Sandwell  (venue t.b.c)

Cost for workshop £2 per child.

Contact us for your details.


Meditation & School Teachers

When the Meditation in Schools Project comes up in conversation with an adult the response is usually positive, concluding with:

“Oh the students are so stressed and distracted these days – it’s so needed”

Sometimes teachers contact Mind Space looking for a technique to help their student’s experience calm and focus. This is great.

However one of the most important elements of bringing stillness into the classroom is the well-being of the staff. In some respects this needs to be addressed before the students.
Otherwise you end up with a Meditation session that is ‘policed’ by staff.

Members of staff marching around making sure that the students are Meditating.
Pulling out any member of the group who is making a noise.

As any of you know who attends a Meditation class there needs to be a calm atmosphere in the room if the Meditation is going to work successfully.

I was happy to read about a series of Meditation sessions that are being run for staff in the USA – you can find out more details here:

In a school Meditation for Staff really needs to be the first step. To have the staff on board and understanding the process of Meditation. If this can happen they you’re half way there.

If the staff and ideally the parents  appreciate the practices of Meditation then this will benefit the students.

At the last school I visited I asked the students at the beginning of the class, what they thought Meditation was. The usually responses came back:

‘Chanting MMMMM sitting like this sir – (cross-legged, hands upturned on the knees)

Where does this view come from?

The cliche views held by elders.

If parents and teachers can practice Meditation then this has an effect on the students.

How so?

Simply, their actions of body, speech and mind are calmer and gentler.

This has a profound effect. They don’t need to say or mention anything about Meditation – ‘you must practice Meditation!’
Far from it.

The tradition of Meditation is that you only practice when your ready. Nobody can force or push you into Meditation practices.
This is why I say to schools and companies who are interested in introducing Meditation to their students and staff.
‘It needs to be an activity that they opt into, that they choose to do.’

Otherwise it becomes another case of: ‘You need Meditate’
This makes no sense if you Meditate, as its pointing the finger outside.

So my advice to a school that wishes to bring more calm into their classroom is to begin with the teachers and parents.
Hold a few introductory sessions for them, this is also an opportunity? to discover what their students/children will be practicing, ask some questions and gain experience.

Find out the latest beneficial research of Meditation for School Teacher
Learn more about the Meditation in Schools Project.

Written by Adam Dacey
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