mindspace was founded by Adam Dacey in 2008.

Offering a modern presentation of the ancient art of Mindfulness and Meditation.

You can learn either online, via your mobile or at one of the live classes, workshops or retreats. Or invite us into your business, school or university.

Learn how to calm and focus your mind and gradually experience inner peace.

We hope your experience will be is fun as well as meaningful!

You can swiftly learn a series of practical tools which can bring peace and freedom into your mind.

Online thus far we’ve reached over three-million people, bringing practical Mindfulness & Meditation techniques to individuals across the planet.

Our live workshops have been accessed in the UK, USA, Europe & South Asia.  Visiting government organisations, charities, start-ups, corporates, universities, schools and hospitals with the intention of helping individuals create mindspace & peace within their life.

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