Welcome to Day 6 of the Meditation Challenge :)

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  • Maria

    wow! very powerful feel so fresh and light after this

  • Jenny

    It is an amazing moment when you realise that your thoughts are not you , not a truth or reality but merely a mental event. This was a really good guided meditation to help arrive at this moment .

  • Steve

    It is quite a challenge not to get caught up in thoughts, especially problems that won’t go away. I need to practice this more.

  • Barbara

    My mind is exceedingly busy..and I struggle the most with this. This meditation was helpful to me, showed me that I am NOT my thoughts and that they are not real…just thoughts. thanks

  • polly n

    I want to improve/strengthen/grow in my ability to observe without judgment…I often find myself judging my judging!!!

  • Chillimaiden

    Not sure wether I managed or went to sleep

  • Kathy

    Going through a stressful period, and finding this very helpful to taking a pause.