Welcome to Day 5 of the Meditation Challenge

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  • Maria

    wow found this so helpful this morning, must try and find time in the mornings more often. thank you

  • Great follow up to Day 4. Really find the purify meditation so effective

  • Steve

    helped me relax at end of stressful day

  • Preya

    Thanks Adam, full on day was a bit difficult to switch off but valued the time out for this.

  • polly n

    powerful visualization…a mental load lightener…I am endeavoring to use it (in short spurts) during the day when negativity, frustrations, unwanted thoughts and feelings, arise

  • Chillimaiden

    Very relaxing

  • zae anderson

    This is very usefull for me

  • Joris

    Today was somehow more difficult! Like my body didn’t want to completely surender to the light. I will try to meditate again later tonight and see what happens then.