Welcome to Day 4 of the Meditation Challenge :)

Developing our meditations on the breath… today we will begin to use the power of our imagination in conjunction with the breath to aid concentration and focus.

Often with guided meditation people tend to jump into elaborate visualizations. Although this may be helpful to them it can also bring movement into the mind which does not allow us to experience stillness on a deep level.

When training in meditation its essential to develop the ability to still the mind before jumping ahead to more complex practices and visualizations.

That is why today we will try this gentle, simple visualization to help calm and focus the mind.

Please make comments, feedback and share your experience in the comments section on this page.

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  • kezia


  • kezia

    that question mark above was intended to be an image of a Heart.

    thank you.

  • Maria

    just what I needed today thank you

  • Vibeke

    Al no ser inglesa ni dominar el idioma ingles me cuesta entender todo lo que dice. Aún así a mi y a mi marido nos está gustando mucho y creo que estamos entendiendo lo esencial. Es emocionante abrir cada nueva lección y ver que nueva experiencia nos enseñará. Gracias

  • Muchas gracias por tu comentario y me alegro mucho de que estéis
    disfrutando las meditaciones. Estamos traduciendo poco a poco nuestros
    materiales, así que esperemos que pronto podáis disfrutar escuchándolos en

  • One of my all time favourite meditations. Many thanks.

  • Steve

    Great to get to a calm relaxed state at the beginning of the day. There’s plenty more ‘dark smoke’ to breath out. Will try to continue this later today.

  • Mary

    So refreshing! Thank you again. X

  • Preya

    wonderful experience thank you Adam

  • Steve

    Good way to wind down and relax after busy day at work too

  • LaTanya

    Thanks Adam! This was so relaxing. I needed it.

  • polly n

    could “see” the dark smoke being blown across the lake and dissipating on the far shore…could imaging breathing in the healing light and having it fill my body and mind…a good meditation to do throughout the day when I notice dark smokey thoughts of negativity and frustration and anger…Yikes! I could go on and on! So, this purifying meditation is much needed. THANKS!

  • Chillimaiden

    Excellent, my body disappeared for a while

  • Joris

    My body filled quickly with this liquid-white light as the last bits of black smoke disappeared. It began to tingle all over and for a moment it felt like it dissolved into the divine: could this be a short glimpse of samadhi? It has been a long time since I felt like this. Thank you so much again.

  • Kathy

    It was late in the day when I found time for today’s meditation, but well worth the wait. A wonderful respite from ‘doing’.