Welcome to Day 3 of the Meditation Challenge

Hi & welcome to the Subtle Breath Guided Meditation.

Taking your breathing Meditating to a more subtle level naturally following from yesterdays introduction to breathing Meditation

If you enjoy the Meditation  and wish to download to your computer & then onto your mobile device, iPod etc. then please click  ‘download here’ on the player below.  This will take you through to the 14 Day Meditation Challenge Shop where you can purchase.

There will be an opportunity to obtain all the Meditations of the challenge at the end of the course in one package at a 20% reduction.

Please make comments, feedback and share your experience in the comments section on this page.

  • Maria

    that was great, this challenge is really helping me focus thank you

  • Sue

    Thanks again for the encouragement Adam,

    Although I’m one day behind, I’m determined to finish the course!

    I’m already wondering why I allow meditation to drop to the bottom of my ‘busy’ list of things to ‘do’, when I know how much it enriches my life.

  • Steve

    Good concentration today – tried to make object of meditation my whole world. Guidance instructions then became distractions.

  • LaTanya Hayward

    Very nice! Thanks Adam! 5am ET

  • Mary

    Really lovely meditation this morning-thank you! Had a terrible (stress related) headache but meditating had completely lifted it! Thanks again.I look forward to tomorrow! X

  • Great to hear its helped Mary – enjoy your Meditation tomorrow x

  • Barbara

    Oh dear, my mind is so out of control…I am determined to make this a way of life, so I have time I guess to improve and be able to shut out some of the thinking

  • Andrew

    Really liked this one – focussing on the sensation in my nostrils helped me focus. I can’t fit this in in the morning, but makes a great wind down in the evening.

  • Samantha

    Thank you so much.

  • your welcome 🙂

  • Chillimaiden

    Mind drifted off a few times but on the whole I managed to focus

  • polly n

    “…so that your meditation experience starts to affect your life…” my intention / goal is to have this be so…

  • zae anderson


  • Joris

    Thank you for guiding us into meditation.
    Personally, it helps me to “acknowledge” the fact that there are other thoughts and distractions at all time in my head, instead of “ignoring” them (like it was said in yesterday’s meditation). From this attitude, I’ve noticed it is easier to focus on my object of meditation, like the sensation of breathing :).

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