Welcome to Day 2 of the 14 Day Challenge…

These 14 Days will go quickly so try to make the most of them – every moment counts!

Try to allocate a time each day when you engage in a meditation session – make it a special time that you look forward to.

Today sees us begin to start engage in Breathing Meditation.

Breathing Meditation is the most widely practiced meditation throughout the world – practiced by millions each day – the below Meditation introduces you to the simple practice so you can gain experience.

Our breath is what keeps us alive – it’s very movement the life-force of our survival.  Something so simple we can easily forget.

Breathing Meditation helps us to simplify our life bringing all our thoughts, attention and energy to one object – winding down our mind and bringing peace into our life.

Enjoy the session – remember also, if you have time and the wish you can engage in the meditation more than once – why not try first thing in the morning and last thing at night?

If you enjoy the Meditation  and wish to download to your computer and then onto a mobile device, iPod etc. Please click on the ‘download here’ on the player below which will take you through to the 14 Day Meditation Challenge Shop where you can purchase.

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  • ChrissieHB

    This supports and strengthens my meditation practice. Mindful awareness of the breath is the foundation – the refuge everyone has. It does take ‘effort’ to realise this but the potential to experience stillness and peace is vast. Awareness, letting go, letting be. Caring for ourselves and caring for the world.

    Thanks Adam!

    Keep breathing!!!

  • Maria

    Am very much enjoying this challenge – and am very looking forward to the next one :o)

  • sapna

    Thank you Adam for a lighter mind.

  • Pat Kennett

    I thoroughly enjoy the meditation but prefer it with the ambient music on You Tube-I find the music helps my concentration.
    Thank you for this introduction to meditation

  • Steve

    Managed an early morning slot today 🙂
    I found concentrating on breathing quite easy although my breathing probably changed a bit rather than just being watched.

  • LaTanya Hayward

    6:20 E.T. U. S. Maine

    Yeah! I made Day 2! Thank you, Adam! That was a very peaceful experience. I will listen to this meditation again later today when I find some quiet time.
    My mind was filled with images during this one. Some I did not want to be reminded of but they did surface. Howeve, I simply watched them come in and go which was very nice. I was able to not get caught up in them. Do you offer the Meditation Training programs online?

  • Barbara

    my mind is so busy!!

  • Hi thanks for the comment 🙂

    Yes we do – check this link: http://www.mindspace.org.uk/one-to-one/

  • yes indeed – like everybody, meditation helps to pacify…

  • Preya

    Thanks for the meditation feeling calm and nice

  • Tina

    Thx. Very calm voice. No music.

  • you’re welcome 🙂

  • Chillimaiden

    Met the challenge despite alarms going off, neighbours singing and grandson shouting to his friends over Internet. Oh and the odd plane or two flying over head.

  • polly n

    2 for 2 up here in the north woods of MN…used yesterday’s meditation last night when I could not sleep…quite useful.