Welcome to the First Day of the Meditation Challenge :)

Meditation is proactive and we encourage you to engage in this challenge by listening and practicing the Meditations each day with concentration and sharing your experience via social networks and commenting below.

You can listen to the first guided Meditation of the challenge below.

We recommend listening with headphones. Press F11 if your listening on a PC.
Or CMD,Shift and F if you use a MAC – so the page fills the whole of your screen and distractions are minimized.

Sit comfortably with a relaxed straight back & enjoy.

Simply press play on the player below & stream the Meditation on the internet here.

If you enjoy the Meditation  and wish to download to your computer and then onto a mobile device, iPod etc. Please click on the ‘download here’ on the player below which will take you through to the 14 Day Meditation Challenge Shop where you can purchase.

Please make comments, feedback and share your experience in the comments section on this page.

See you tomorrow at the same time 🙂

  • ChrissieHB

    Yey! Soooo “melted” It’s less of a challenge and more of an anticipation this time around!

    Thanks, Adam!

    Keep practising

  • Connie

    Thank you! Wonderful.

  • Sue

    Thanks for helping me to re-start a regular meditation session!

  • Thanks forgot how relaxed i cn be.

  • Maria

    Lovely thank you I was determined to start this year by bringing meditation back into my life and here you are helping :o)

  • Mark

    Thank you
    I needed that!!!

  • collese

    I’m so glad to see that day one is still available on day 2. I went autopilot and forgot. Will be sharing with friends. Thank you.

  • Cindy

    Thank you…

  • Steve

    Very nice start. Thank you.

  • Angelique

    A perfect way to start the day and the course. Thank you!

  • Chris

    Awesome thanks.

    I just pull it up on my ipod touch. Much easier then using computer.

  • Preya

    Thank you it really helped calm me

  • Steve

    I missed the early morning ‘slot’ but have now done the 1st meditation (only one interruption!). It was certainly relaxing – I found my head drooping and starting to fall asleep more than once.

  • This was great geared up or down for 2 nd one
  • Steve

    Repeated before bed, upper body relaxed but then struggled with an attack of restless leg syndrome which made meditation difficult.

  • LaTanya Hayward

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was indeed very relaxing. I missed the early morning hour but I did it this morning to catch up at 5am ET. I will be prepared for Meditation 2. Your voice is perfect for Guiding meditations. Watching the “tension melt away into the ground” was a wonderful visual. I’m looking forward to the next one.

    Yours truly,

    la Tanya

  • LaTanya Hayward

    Hi Adam! I am currently building my website. May I please share these Meditations you do on my website? I shared it with my Facebook friends. Is there a link that others may click on to practice these meditations? May I also have permission to share with others about your website? I absolutely enjoy the videos you do on You Tube as well. Thank you so much!

    Yours truly,

    la Tanya
    Maine (U.S.)

  • yes please – great news…share and enjoy 🙂

  • Hayley

    This was great but I struggle so much to focus! Hopefully that’s what I’m here to learn! Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  • sally kachina

    I am very grateful for the good intentions here, but feel strongly that this video maker needs to learn that what we focus on we FEED AND WE CREATE.. so what then is the purpose of “focusing on the busy-ness”, “thinking about all the tension”, and “imagining the world outside” please? In listening to this I felt a lot of confusion when I was definitely not thinking of any of those things in the first place, then I was told to “think of the “business of the world outside” & then told to let go of it! VERY bizarre since it was only your video which made the suggestion when I hadn’t been thinking of it before, and told to “think of the world outside” then was told not think of it, and think of the tension in my muscles -which wasn’t there to begin with- and kept being told to “gather all the tension in my body”! and being told about all my tension which hadn’t existed in the first place- I think that good meditation focuses on quietness, relaxation and peace instead of busyness and tension ;)… as for my “mind being wound up”- no it totally wasn’t lol but the language in this video is a wind- up. when you focus on your breath you are not meant to focus on the sensation of the breath, nor on the breathing, but on the actual breath itself -which is Prana …<3

  • Kathy

    Very challenging to quiet my mind and body! But was sorry when it ended.