Guided Meditation – 14 Day Meditation Challenge: Meditation 9) Clouds Parting

Welcome to Day 9 of the 14 Day Meditation Challenge.
Stream the Guided Meditation here. If you would like to download click the second player.
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  • Chris

    Can’t believe it’s day 9! I love the way the meditations have built on each other and encourage you to return and practice. ‘Clouds Parting’ – very good introduction to what you rightly say is a very profound and releasing conceptin your mind, especially when you start realising the connections with thoughts and emotions and the stability of a unchanging blue sky. Looking forward to next 5 days!
    Peace to you all

  • Chillimaiden

    Interesting. I was more able to visualise my mind as a vast sky. Thoughts as clouds was harder to do

  • Kathy

    Day 9. My favorite meditation thus far. I like the imagery. I am finding that my thoughts tend to wander to my ‘to do’ list. The things I need to get done during the week. Also, it is hard to be objective – some thoughts bring a feeling of anxiety.