Guided Meditation: 3) Subtle Breath (Breathing Meditation)

Today we get the opportunity to engage in breathing meditation again.

This time the meditation takes the mind slightly deeper.

Each meditation in this series leads onto the next so try to remember the experience of the previous day when you engage in the meditation.

Its also really good if you can try to maintain the experience of the session throughout the day.


  • Christine

    Hello Adam

    Your meditations are really lovely and peaceful. I am having difficulty relaxing and connecting with myself but I’m feeling very connected to you and everyone else.
    Definitely a challenge (and only day three!)- determined though – in a ‘non-doing’ sort of way!

    Wishing you peace

  • Thanks Chris for the comment and really glad that your benefiting from the sessions. The determination is important as you mention and that will take you through the two weeks.